Meet Our Personal Trainers

Montana Athletic Club Personal Trainers are highly trained, nationally certified and results oriented. Whether you are new to exercise, have limitations due to health complications or compete at a high level athletically, we have just the trainer for you.

Working with a Personal Trainer is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall health and fitness. A personal trainer will coach you, monitor your progress, and fine-tune your program. You will learn the best way to use equipment with correct form and technique. Individualized programs that are sport-specific help you improve your performance level. Our Personal Trainers will help you:

  • lose weight and improve cardiovascular health
  • improve strength and muscle tone
  • improve flexibility and endurance
  • improve balance and coordination

We encourage MAC members to speak with our trainers to set up a program that is customized just for you. If you are just visiting and need a refresher, our trainers are excellent at providing this service.