Bugsy Yarbrough“I love this club, it saved me! When I moved here 10 years ago, I didn’t know anyone and I found an exercise community! When I was recovering from breast cancer this club offered all the aerobics classes I needed to take. I feel great now and I enjoy working out 6 days a week. I look forward to it!”

Bugsy Yarbrough

Arnie Aklestad“I come to Montana Athletic Club five days a week in the mornings. I like coming in early because it’s the same group of people and we know each other. After we are through working out, we’ll gather at the Juice Bar for coffee and to read the paper. It’s a good group.”

Arnie Aklestad

Paul and Muffin Vallely“Not only do I love to exercise with a group but I have learned to depend on the gentle pressure my MAC buddies give me to keep coming back. I am hooked on exercise and visit the gym almost every day. We have been members at lots of clubs all over the U.S., so we knew a great club when we saw the MAC.”
Paul & Muffin Vallely

stacia kimbell“My friends meet here because everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is perfect for serious athletes. From the front desk to the Personal Trainers, I always feel welcome and appreciated.”

Stacia Kimbell

blake weimer“The MAC has the best equipment and training staff in the whole valley.”

Blake Weimer

carol barnes“Being at the Montana Athletic Club is good for your body and spirit. And you are around a lot of good people!”

Carol Barnes

brenda jordt“I was born and raised in Bigfork. Seen many changes through the years. I have been a member of the MAC for 15 years – the one thing that has remained the same has been the friendly and professional staff.”

Brenda Jordt

kim coleman“From the very first scary day, I felt welcome and cared about at the MAC. From the very second day, everyone knew my name. I never felt judged, ever. The MAC crew really care about getting people healthy and happy. I love working out at the MAC. I feel so good… like the sky is the limit!”

Kim Coleman

montana racquetball crewWe’ve been coming to Montana Athletic Club at 5:30 in the morning to play racquetball for almost 18 years. It’s been a tradition since the day the club opened. The morning crew are a good bunch of folks and makes it enjoyable.
The AM Racquetball Crew: Zack Anderson, Lawrence L. Lockard, Bret Hughes, Walter Kuhn

debbie savik“I love working out at the MAC! I love the atmosphere and the people. Gigi’s boot camp is great. So for me, the MAC has not only been a great facility to workout in, but also a great place to foster friendship”

Debbie Savik

“MAC has been an amazing place where I can have my “own” time. My family knows I am a much happier & energetic mommy and wife when I get to work out. I feel like MAC is my “home away from home. Thank you, MAC!!!”

Marshelle Wade